Grins and belly laughs

Tending a surprise journal unavoidably ups your shared outward-delight game—have you experienced this yet? So maybe your partner/kid/friend/accountant/barista/co-worker says they’re just not the type to keep a surprise journal. But then, there you are, going about your business… and something happens, as it always does (thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,Continue reading “Grins and belly laughs”

Welcome to Surprise!

Why a surprise journal? Here’s the short answer: it is a perfect tonic for your nervous system. Keeping track of things that surprise you is a practice that calms your unconscious mind, your heart, and your physical body if they’re over-excited. And it stimulates them when they’re sluggish. In this blog, I’ll periodically explore aContinue reading “Welcome to Surprise!”