Grins and belly laughs

Tending a surprise journal unavoidably ups your shared outward-delight game—have you experienced this yet?

So maybe your partner/kid/friend/accountant/barista/co-worker says they’re just not the type to keep a surprise journal. But then, there you are, going about your business… and something happens, as it always does (thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, world).

And they say “there’s your surprise for the day.”

And you pull up short and realize they’re right, and you chuckle or actually blast out a laugh. And they grin. They’re pleased. You’re pleased.

Honestly, this part of surprise makes me tear up every time as does just thinking about it. It may be the best part of a surprise journal—and that revelation is MY surprise thought for this morning.

Big love,


PS I don’t recommend TELLING them that you notice they’re fully as into your surprise journal as you are. Sometimes having a private surprise is surprisingly nourishing. Ah, this surprise stuff is nothing if not paradoxical and mysterious… intoxicating.

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