The Stairway of Surprise is a Sunwarmed Sage Press book by Betsy Pearson with design interpretation by Jenae Neeson of myBonnie Studios. All of us are happily located at the foot of the beautiful Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming.

Betsy Pearson

No one’s more surprised by this book than Betsy. Somehow studying anthropology and engineering led her to building water systems and roads, teaching yoga, restoring streams, life coaching, enjoying decades of marriage, raising three now-grown kids, and, now, to writing books and founding the Sunwarmed Sage Press. Such a happy turns of events. Her next project, due out October 16, 2020, is The Dào of Lâozî: A Fresh Look Based on Bronze Inscription Glyphs.

Jenae Neeson

Meanwhile, nothing surprises us when it comes to Jenae. Or does everything? She sings, kayaks, hangs out with a Rottweiler named Lou and two foster kitten brothers named Eddie and Elvis, strolls for days at a time above tree line, and of course designs things of beauty. Take a peek inside The Stairway of Surprise to get a more delightfully direct experience of Jenae than any bio can convey!

Sunwarmed Sage Press

You know that particular aroma a giant sagebrush releases when the sun comes out after a sudden rain shower or a cool night? Somehow it plunges you into mystery, deep belonging, safety, adventure, and affection for the world as well as your own solid self… all at once. It balances your nervous system. Sunwarmed Sage Press aims to do a bit of that same thing in each of our projects.

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