Day 1

Day 1 could be the day you get this book. Or it could be your birthday—the start of a new trip around the sun. Alternately, maybe you decide to begin writing in the book on New Year’s Day. 

But another way to start the book is to turn to the “day in the year” you get the book and start there (google “day in the year” e.g., today, Sept 23rd is the 266th day in the year since this is a leap year).

Of course you also can ignore the days and flip through til something catches your eye and write an entry there. You can date it—or not as you see fit.

You can write daily or several times a day or once a week or whenever you feel like it.
You can carry it in your bag or keep it on the kitchen table or beside your bed or next to your bathtub. Maybe you keep your copy in your car for when you’re waiting in the pickup line.

You can collage in this book, paint in it, draw in it, make lists. Write big or write small. It’s designed for you to write right atop the words and graphics, but, then too, you can weave around them if you feel the desire to do so.

I just hope it brings you extra awareness of the private experiences of delight you have in your moments. It’s already there—that I know for sure. Sometimes it only tickles at the edges of our awareness. Sometimes we miss it complete.y. And then those times we notice what we’re noticing? Heaven on earth: bliss but grounded and just a pleasant sensation that in words might be something like: “of course.”

Here’s to more of that.

Big love,


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