The Stairway of Surprise: A Daybook of Wonder


A surprise journal with text describing the practice and benefits of having a surprise practice, quotations about surprise, spirited graphics, and spaces for recording 365 days worth of surprises. It’s a self-help tool that feels good in your hands and is just a lot of fun, making it an irresistible gift. Published by Sunwarmed Sage Press, 2020; perfectbound paperback, 200 pages, 6×9 inches.



A surprise journal with 365 spaces for you to record the new, the unexpected, the wondrous, and anything else surprising. Each spread features spirited graphics, inspirational guidance for your surprise practice, and quotations from over the ages about surprise—it turns out people have known its magic for centuries.

The pages are numbered but not dated, so you can start using it anytime you want and use it however you want. Maybe you draw or paint in it. Or maybe you glue in images or treasures. You might write in the journal daily, weekly, or whenever something really strikes you.

However you do it, when you start recording things that amaze you, you’ll find yourself noticing more and more delights. And all sorts of benefits ensue: your health, work, art, relationships, and inner life will thrive at a whole new level.

This little book fuses sophisticated design with unexpected little surprises and profound insight. It’s a self-help tool but you won’t think of it as that so much as fun. It is just beautiful, it feels good in your hands. It’s frankly irresistible, so order a couple extra because you’ll want to give one to your best friend immediately. Plus it turns out to fill most of your gift-giving needs: it’s perfect for teachers to use in classrooms, for families to use as a dinnertime ritual, and… well you’ll surprise yourself with how it can be used.

Published by Sunwarmed Sage Press, 2020; perfectbound paperback, 200 pages, 6×9 inches


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